Hard disk damaged and window not installing

Hello. I m Ijaz, from Peshawar Pakistan. i am facing the problem of windows installation in my computer, when i try to install windows XP, the message "Unable to copy file......" comes. and every time there is different file name. I think the Hard Disk is damaged, but i m not too sure. KIndly help me with a detailed reply, if possible, plz. thanx allot.
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  1. Hello Ijaz,

    Welcome to Forums. I don't remember exactly when but during the install there is an option to format the disk. I suggest you should format the disk before install.
  2. If you really think the disk is bust just RMA it.
  3. How many sticks of Ram do you have installed? If one of them is faulty, that could exhibit the symptoms you describe. Run Memtest to check.
  4. Ijaz, are you trying to re-install winxp from a install cd, if so it sounds like the cd is damaged. If you are installing from a recovery partition on the hard drive it may be corrupted. Get your self a good copy of xp and change the boot order in the pc's bios so that the cd/dvd drive is the first boot device and when asked do a full format on the hard drive.
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