Core speed jumps under full load ?

hi every 1 , i just built a new set-up. cannot get this thing to o`c ... i tried im new to oc. i dont no what to keep on auto / disable / enable , voltage ect ect... my 1si try i did 4.5 GHz booted and evrything was working fine. opened up cpuid / intel burn test. started test voltage was good , but cpu idles at 1600 - then when i put load hits the 4.5 ghz for a few sec`s then drops down to factory 3.5 ghz . i dont wanna fry nothing so thats why im here..i need a guide / tuturial / video to let me know what i should keep on auto / disable / enable / voltage...plzz help guys with anything.. thank you :hello: :o :ouch: :bounce: :sarcastic: plzzzzz help me

heres the specs

i7-2700k cpu / with Contac 30 CPU Cooler 120mm fan = works very well

asrock Z77 pro 4 - m motherboard / all bios and up to date.

corsair Vengeance Series memory modules, 8GB (2x4GB) 1866MHz

MKX-850W 850 Watt PSU

Seagate - Barracuda 1TB HDD

EVGA GeForce GTX 590 (Fermi) Classified 3072MB 768-bit GDDR5 video card

Rosewill GEAR X3 Gaming Tower - 1 . 140mm / 5 - 120mm fans
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  1. how hot is it getting, if it's hitting TJunction that would explain the drop
  2. its not running hot at all about 30c idle 55c full load
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