Advice on new graphics card?

Im looking to spend around £60-80 on new graphics card to use on new pc
just to be used with older games and some low graphics intensive newer games.

Also i have mobo with something called nvidia accelerator??? if anyone nows buying
anything about this? Does buying a nvidia card just active this or will a ati do this aswell.
if this is worth activating???

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  1. Post your full specs, CPU, ram and PSU as minimum so we can better help you!
  2. AMD phenom II 955 x4 3.2Ghz
    4 gb ram
    gigabyte GA-M85 u2s(rev 1.2) mobo
    500 psu (main reason why im not going good graphics as i dnt want buy new one and
    new graphics card)
  3. Here is a good one just over your budget
    Another one with in your budget not as powerful
    If you want a good ATI card you could stretch your budget a bit and get HD5750 which performs on level with the GTS250 and has DX11.
  4. I'd also recommend that HD5750

    futureproof with dx11, low-power, low-noise, overall great bang for the buck
  5. Thank for help, iv found this one which seems to be the cheapest 5750 i can find for £87

    might wait an extra 2 weeks till jan and home overclockers or ebuyer or amazon have
    nice jan sale so i can save abit more and get a better version of this card.
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