Need help choosing a 1366 socket motherboard

well like the title says i need help deciding on which motherboard to buy, so i would like some suggestions
budget is around ~ 300 dollars

im looking for the best performance for the price and sata 6Gb/s and usb 3.0 are a must

the ones i have seen are :

Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R


MSI BigBang X-Power

any suggestions would be appreciated
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  1. ASUS P6X58D-E instead of those two, unless you don't mind spending $299.99 on the MSI Big Bang X-Power, it is a nice board.
  2. Check out the ASRock X58 Extreme. This is a solid and reliable performing board at an excellent price; great price to performance. Have had mine for over a year with no hardware related issues, it's easy to overclock (can easily OC my D0 920 to 4.2GHz and stable 24/7), and has one of the best layouts of all the 1366 boards available.
  3. Gigabyte boards are great quality. You should do fine with the X58A-UD3R. However if the budget goes up to 300$, I would go with the X58A-UD5. I have the X58-UD5 (without the "A", so no SATA 600 and USB 3) and its a great board. OC'ed my 920 D0 to 3.7G on stock voltages!
    Lay-out is one of the best and I like the 10 SATA ports (handy if you want to add some eSata at the back)
  4. so between the bigbang xpower and the gigabyte X58A UD5 which one would you guys buy or is there another contender not named up to now
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    I would go with the gigabyte as I heard some bad things about msi boards, like breaking down a lot and bad customer service.
    Asus boards are also great, but that's something you should make out for yourself. Read as many reviews about them, consider their features and price. In my case I considered the X58-UD5 and the Asus P6T Deluxe V2 and finally choose for gigabyte as it had more and better positioned sata ports, better layout and even a little lower price.
    In general asus and gigabyte have a lot in common when it come to quality and overclocking. It's the small features and price that make the difference.
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