High temps? Custom wc + i5 3570K

Hi guys!

I'm overclocking a little bit with my 3570K processor and custom watercooling (this: http://techbay.no/product.html/techbay-supersilent-vannkjolingsett-2x120-30?category_id=84)
But I think I got high temps. At 3.8Ghz (turbo activated) my idle temps are around 37C (when boot up and into bios is shows around 31C...). And not sure if its normal for watercooling but the temps are jumping alot, from 31C to 37C and so on?

I think 37C is high idle temp, or what? And with the fan's at top speed. I'm using 2x Scythe, GentleTyphoon 120mm fans (http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/fans/gentle-typhoon-120-mm.html) btw.

And the strange is, when I now overclock to 4.5Ghz with vcore 1.135 my idle temp is around 41C (jumping abit).

Shouldnt the temp be higher or what? And idle temp at 3.8Ghz cooler? :S


Hoping for some clever answers here guys!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Idle temp doesn't matter.
  2. your temps are normal when your cpu is at full load a bad temp would be 60C and up. temps jumping small amounts is normal
  3. depending on the temp software your using and how fast it reading the onboard sensor there can be a jump of a few deg. you also may still ahve some of the intel power saving settings on so that the cpu in powering off cores and slowing down..that will cause your temps to bounce.
  4. WC can be hotter than air at idle but it's load temps that matter, what are they running Prime 95 large ffts for example?
  5. Whats your room temperature?
    its difficult, not impossible but difficult to idle below ambient on watercooling,
    but with only a 240 rad you don't have masses of headroom
  6. Looks like a rebranded EK kit.

    its difficult, not impossible but difficult to idle below ambient on watercooling

    You'd need an evap tower to barely reach sub-ambient...so don't think he's getting it with that kit. :)

    OP- what is your ambient room temp? What are your load temps? It's normal for an OC chip to run warmer; remember, you are pushing more current through the chip and running it at higher clock rates.
  7. But the temps are not bouncing just one or two degrees, but 5C jumps and so on..
    Can I turn off Intel power saving thing?

    My room temp is about 25C.

    I ran IntelBurnTest at maximum stress and it did not go over 72-73C.
    With the setting in the middle (cant remember name, but its full torture) in Prime95, about 67-69C.

    Are there good temps?

    Yeah its a rebranded EF kit just with thinner radiator.
  8. Not allowed to edit message? Wtf
    I'm using RealTemp and CoreTemp for temp.
  9. 73C is about as high as you should let it get for longevity, but overall your temps seem just fine.

    Not sure what your issue/question is with the idle temps. 30-40C is normal. It will jump a bit when it has to run a few threads like for background apps and such which goes on all the time.

    And why would you turn off power saving? You want higher temps at idle or just to waste more electricity?
  10. Keep in mind the Ivy Bridge CPUs run hotter, so this would be comparable to a 2500K running in the mid 60C range or so, which is normal.
  11. Those temps are fine, When I said water could be hotter than air at idle I meant air cooling, not the ambient air around the case
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