MY computer freezes when I plug in the the VGA card?

Following are my system spec:

CPU : 2.66Mhz Q8400 core 2 quad
RAM : 3 GB - ( 1GB Kingston and 2 GB some other brand)
VGA: 8500GT
MB :Intel DG41RQ
PSU 450W

This is what happened. I had a dual core 1.6Mhz with the above 8500GT and it ran perfectly well. I was actually able to play games like crysis, crysis warhead, Far cry 2 without any problem.Windows XP and VISTA worked fine. NO freezing problems Recently I upgraded My computer and ( I only changed the MB and Processor and added one more 2GB RAM - Now above specifications)I didn't change the power supply. Now the computer freezes abruptly sometimes even when I open my computer. - I cant move the mouse, Key board doesn't work desktop remains same. After 1 min or so computer restarts automatically. So I removed the 8500GT separate VGA card and now working with onboard graphics adapter. Now the system is fine. Even after 10hrs continuous work it doesnt freeze. I played few old games(Crysis)it's fine.
Can somebody tell me a way to fix this issue.
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  1. "I only changed the MB and Processor and added one more 2GB RAM"

    is that all?
  2. Did you do a clean install of windows?
  3. """I only changed the MB and Processor and added one more 2GB RAM"

    is that all?

    Did you do a clean install of windows? ""

    Yep I only changes MB processor and added 2
    GB more RAM
    I did a clean installation of windows.
  4. Anybody? please
  5. Anybody please help. My 8500Gt card is an old one. But I need to know the problem before doing anything. Otherwise same problem may arise with a new card.
  6. What is your current OS? 32bit or 64bit?

    Have you tried the latest driver that is especially designed for your video card and OS?

    If so, disable the on-board VGA manually in the BIOS and see if it works.
  7. Windows vista 32-bit. I have updated drivers
    Can't disable onboard Bios But I have selected the 8500GT as the default one.
  8. Another thing, Assasin's creed causes freezing even before the game menu appear. I think a blue screen restart happens after that. But I didn't see any blue screen. computer just restarted.
  9. In order to prevent automatic restart after BSOD, you need to:

    Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Settings @ start and recovery column -> uncheck automatic restart
  10. Then consult Microsoft technician for the meaning of the BSOD codes shown on your screen.
  11. Nope its not a blue screen restart. Computer freezes and restarts without a blue screen.
  12. my system hangs while playing any video/games after installing the drivers of 9500GT and its a very new system. i donno the root cause of it. i have checked the 9500GT grap card with the service center and it works fine. :??:

    My config

    xfx geforce 9500 gt
    2gb ddr2 ram
    450w 2dsata smps

    Could any1 please help it drives me very crazy as the root cause is not know yet.
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