Which is the best cheap motherboard?

Currently rebuilding my PC, since its quite old, I do 'gaming' but I guess its not that intense since it works with my current GeForce FX5500.

I'm buying a new CPU and Mobo, currently thinking the AMD Athalon II X2 245, since its cheap and decent (and almost twice as fast as my current one), and I'm wanting a cheap Mobo with IGP.
Trying to decide between ASRock N68-S3 AM3 with Gefore 7025 +nForce 630a
or the Asus M4A78LT-M-LE with ATI Radeon 3000.

Which is better, or is there an overall better setup (I'm only looking on Umart) for under $130, I've already bought a 2Gb (1066 MHz) Ram stick I found cheap.

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  1. Hard to say really. I use alot of low end boards from frys, and they're all very similar. A few still even have drivers for windows 2k. If the price is the same, go for the asus. But asrock is ok for casual gamers, so get that one if it's cheaper.
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