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My start button wires were pulled out of the panel, How can I bypass the start button on my Compaq Presario Desk top computer
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  1. is it pulled out of the button itself, or out of the motherboard?

    Because if its out of the button itself, you can just touch the wires together for a second and hot wire it.
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    you can also buy a momentary switch from radio shack and attach the wires to it. It's easy to do as the switch has no polarity. If your handy with a dremel you can drill a hole in the case and attach the button to the case...making a new power switch.

    If the pins we're pulled from the motherboard then you have another issue. if you examine the board carefully there may be some indicators around the front I/O panel that will tell you which two are for power. If your feeling brave you can take a small flat tip screw driver and touch to pairs of pins (up and down) one of the pairs should turn it on.
  3. I was told to, remove wire harness connection from motherboard. then with a paper clip, put one end in green and other end in black, of the motherboard wire harness connection. Then remove it and reconnect the wire harness back to the motherboard connection I was told this will jump start my system.

    First, Is this safe. Considering the system must always remain on.
    And Is their a better way?
  4. I like the idea of having a new switch, Not knowing much about wiring and or computers. What wire or wires do I need to connect???
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