Why control panel files display double in windows xp

why display double icon in control panel and give solution?
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  1. This sometimes happen when installing/uninstalling service packs.
    Or just in case, you could try to run a scan with Malwarebytes (just google it)

    The icons in control panel have their "target" in C:\Windows\System 32, with the extension *.cpl
    If you had deals with service packs recent, then you should go to this folder, and do a search by extension.
    Search>all files and folders.
    On advanced options make sure this is checked:
    Search hidden files and folders
    On the All or part of filename type

    U should see duplicates , like this:

    mmsys.cpl and mmsys2.cpl

    You should create first a restore point with System restore.
    Then, you could try first moving the ones with "2" in a temporary folder, and restart.
    If all is ok, you can eventually delete them.

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