CPU upgrade question regarding PSU

Hi all,

I'm thinking of upgrading my Piix2 550 to a PIIx4 955

My only concern is the PSU....
I have the following setups.
If anyone thinks it is not enough, do please tell me. Thanks.

CPU: Piix2 550
GPU primary:XFX 4890
GPU Secondary : HIS 4350 PCI edition
HD:WD 160GB 7200rpm
Mobo: MSI c45 770
RAM: 6GB (3x 2gb ) 1333mhz crucial
DVDROM: (sry, kinda forgot what it was :P but it's only one)
PSU: Corsair 550w

Of course, I have a keyboard, a mouse, and other than that, constantly have 2 USB devices (wireless receiver and external HDD)
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  1. Everything will be fine with that PSU, no need to worry about upgrading the CPU. That Corsair 550w PSU is a good one.
  2. It will easily handle a 955 even if you overclock the heck outta 955.

    Corsair PSU are top quality and very reliable.
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