Heat sinks on memory, will this fan fit??

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to purchase 16GB of memory(4x4GB) i am not sure what DIMMs will fit on the ASRock Z77 Exteme4 mobo with the Cooler master hyper 212 EVO heatsink/fan, i have seen/heard some issues with the heatsinks on the memory being to big to fit a fan.

Does anyone know of any good memory that will fit with the items listed above?? either corsair or gskill is what im looking to buy but any other good brand will do fine.

I am definatley purchasing the mobo and fan/heatsink above

thank you for your help

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  1. I use GSkill ripsaw's. I had to bump one fan up about 5mm to fit comfortably. I have heard of people using vengence, but they also make a low pro vengence if that is what your after. I picked G because i swear by it.

    I have done this using just 1 fan, and then again using 2 fans in a push/pull. bumping the fan up should not affect temps at all.
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