Having power up problems - No video

Hey Guys! Just got a few questions and I am stuck which I normally never get stuck when it comes to PC problems.

General specs of PC (At work dont have exacts, will edit later)
2.4ghz single core AMD processor
unknown motherboard
3gb RAM
Nvidia 9300
450w PSU

So here is my issue. I turn the PC on, the PSU cranks up all the fans run. I get no video. The monitor goes into the yellow standby mode. I have tried the onboard video, no luck. I have swapped out 2 diff video cards and neither work. Also swapped out PSU with another and same problem. Also swapped some RAM around thinking it may be something w/ that and nothing. Also reset the BIOS, did nothing.

BTW my friend gave me this PC because it stopped working and he just gave it to me out of frustration (not very computer literate :lol:). I am at a stand still here. Not sure what else to do really. It just turns on, no video, and no signs of the PC booting into Windows. Also when I plug it in the wall it turns out w/o me hitting the power button.

Any help will be MUCH appreciated guys. Thanks.
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  1. The READ before posting about boot problems! sticky at the top of the forum was created to troubleshoot problems like this. Your first step in troubleshooting should be to go through EVERY step in the checklist.
  2. I have already went through that guide. I am going to try the eraser memory trick to remove static from the memory sticks. Thats all I can think of.
  3. If you have done all of that, then I would say the old motherboard has seen it's better days.
  4. Word. I think it may be the mobo as well. I hate replacing mobos cus now I gotta probably buy new ram and definitely a new processor. Ugh!!!! How would a mobo just go out? Maybe it was hit by lightning? I do live in Florida the lightning capital of the world lol. The mobo is about 2 years old. Has been very solid and just didn't work one day.
  5. I agree it's the motherboard. When they go, it's usually suddenly.
  6. Thanks guys. Helped me pinpoint me problem. Now I must find a new motherboard!
  7. Which exact CPU and RAM do you have?
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