ECS H55H-I (requesting information)

hi, everyone :)

i'm planning to buy ECS H55H-I (mini-itx board) & pair it with Core i3 530.

But some website reviews show that the Vcore on this mobo always stays at 2.2V according to CPU-Z. they said it was CPU-Z mis-reading.

Can anyone confirm it that it is truly CPU-Z mis-reading only, which can be fixed by updating CPU-Z...... or ECS H55H-I somehow has a bios flaw which makes Intel SpeedStep (EIST) not working.

I want to build energy efficient mini PC.
If EIST is not working on this mobo which definitely results in higher energy consumption and temperature during idle, then to me it's pointless to buy this mobo.

Long time ago i bought a stupid MSI P35 Neo-F that has EIST not working in windows XP, & i'm not interested to make a similar mistake.

So i hope someone who has ECS H55H-I first hand can clear up my hesitation to buy this mobo.

Thanks in advance...
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  1. Cpu-z isn't perfect; some versions are not accurate with all boards. The ecs boards are ok for casual users. I would download the manual before ordering, and check out some of the bios adjustments. I also read newegg customer reviews. I've had good luck with my biostar TH55B-HD. I highly recommend it.
  2. TH55B HD looks good, but too bad it's not a mini-itx MB. if only biostar got an affordable mini-itx MB, i'll buy it for sure since i got a good experience w/ all their products.

    Thanks for your reply o1die :)
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