Intel i7 920 or 930? Difference?

I am building a new computer, and i want a "cheap" i7 that can be overclocked. The 920 fits perfect, but i have recently heard of the 930.
As i have understood, the only difference between them is their multiplier, being 20 on the 920 and 21 on the 930.
In Denmark, where i live, the 930 is about 15% more expensive, even though they sell at the same price at Intel.
Will their multiplier matter if i overclock? Which one should i get?

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. Long story short, a multiplier difference of one isn't going to make a lick of difference in over clocking. Unless you are trying to eek our marginal performance gains, its worthless. You might as well go with the 920, as like you said it is cheaper and from what I have seen here, it is an easily overclockable chip as long as you have proper cooling.
  2. Same Processor - the 930's multiplier is one step higher.
  3. Difference between 920 and 930:

    - One additional multiplier added
    - Higher stock frequency
    - More OC room(???maybe and it won't be significant even if it is the case)
  4. I have VERY decent cooling, and therefore, the i7 920 is my choice!
  5. im having the same question, im not planing on OC so is the 930 better?
  6. Robjamar; I purchased an i7 920..... have manged a stable clock of 4.4Ghz with overdrive on, it reaches up to 4.8+Ghz. Also I have 12Gb of Kingston HyperX T1 high sink running at a stable 2132Mhz - so fast :-) ... man its a step up from my i386 at 25Mhz, 2Mb of RAM and hugh 40Mb HD
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