Is my mobo a bottleneck?

AMD Phenom II 940 BE at stock speed (3.0GHz)
2x2GB DDR800 4-4-3-12 (1T)
ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe (nforce 590i)

Samsung 22" T220 LCD 1680x1050

Mobo has 1000MHz HT and PCIe 1.0
Newer Mobos have 2600MHz HT and PCIe2.0

Is my mobo bottlenecking my PII 940 and GTX 285 and by how much?
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    yep, your mobo is bottlenecking your system, which isnt common. the old chipsets, pci 1 and ht 1000 are slowing everything down by about 10% maybe, especially the 285.
  2. Thanks!
    Now to decide if a new mobo is worth the 10% gain...
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