Upgradeability of current AMD vs. Intel boards.

As I am contemplating a new build for gaming, I am wondering which build would be more upgradeable in the future. I'm having a hard time deciding between an AMD Phenom II X 4 965 or an i7 920 build. The AMD build would obviously cheaper, but I am wondering what CPU upgrades would be possible without having to upgrade the mobo. Same concerns for the Intel build. I believe I read somewhere that the future i9's are going to be made on the same chipset as the i7's, meaning I could get an i9 chip in a year or two without having to upgrade other components.

I'm trying to put together a mid high-end gaming system now that I can easily and inexpensively upgrade in the future, with the idea of basically keeping the same mobo for, say, the next 5 years. I know that seems like a long time to go for a gaming rig, but I'd rather spend the extra money now for newer technology that is more future proof, vs. save a couple of hundred now, only to discover that my entire system is obsolete in 2 years.

I'd appreciate any thoughts and advice. Thank you. :hello:
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  1. dunno. Perhaps the best thing for you to do is to do a research on the roadmaps of each company.
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    The current AMD CPU socket is nearing the end of its life - it has already supported two of three new lines of CPU's - but the socket pin count and design is holding back AMD.

    bioth the LGA1156 and LGA1366 sockets have a few years before Intel will be looking to change the design. Next up is the 6 core CPU's for the LGA1366
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  4. Went with the i7 build. Up and running and love it!!!! Thanks for advice.
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