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Have Windows XP on laptop (just had new hard drive installed and reinstalled original operating system Windows XP) Trying to connect computer to internet via linksys router - when running set-up disk from router - I get a set-up wizard MFC application error...any idea what I need to do? Thanks
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  1. When you did the reinstall it sounds like you lost the necessary MFC libraries in the process (it happens). But frankly those install CDs are not really necessary anyway, esp. if using wire. The Windows default settings should work, as is.

    Is this wire or wireless? Have you installed the necessary drivers?
  2. Thank you for your reply...and as you may have guessed...I know just enough about computers to be dangerous....LOL. This is a wireless set up.....the hardrive was replaced in my laptop......I reinstalled Windows XP when I got the computer back from Best Buy....I guess I just assumed everything I needed was on that disc - including drivers.....if it is indeed a driver problem. I was trying to run the Linksys setup wizard from the disc that came with my router.....but I get the MFC application error message as it is checking my computer. The wireless zero config says it is running when I run msconfig.......but I don't see the little computer icon on my task bar at the bottom right corner to even view available wireless networks. Any suggestions would be great......I appreciate you taking the time to help me! gingersmom
  3. There’s no point in proceeding further until we know the hardware is configured properly.

    Go to Start->Run, type "devmgmt.msc" (no quotes), and hit enter. It should bring up the device manager. Locate the network adapters section, expand it, and it should show your wired and wireless network adapters. Make sure there are no yellow exclamation/question marks (that would indicate the hardware is not configured properly, probably because a device driver hasn't been installed). You can also right-click any network adapter, select Properties, and check its status in the General tab. If there's a problem it will indicate something other than normal.
  4. Check......did that......the network adapters look ok....but just under network "other devices"......such as ethernet controller, mass storage controller, network controller.......etc..........they all have yellow question marks with exclamation points beside them......can I assume this may be the problem? If so.....can I fix this? By the way....I had put this task off for several months......I loaded the operating system several months ago.....and I think I remember the process freezing up a few times while it reinstalled.....and I would start it over.......the program did eventually install....but I don't remember messages that anything was not installed. gingersmom
  5. Not sure (I don't have a section called "other devices"). You say network adapters look ok, then proceed to describe other devices that *sound* like your relevant network device. So I'm concerned. Can you perhaps take a screenshot of that device manager page so I can see for myself?

    P.S. If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, maximize the device manager (so it hides everything else on your desktop, for privacy reasons), hit your Print key, open Paint (Start->All Programs->Accessories->Paint), Ctrl-V (to paste), save as a JPEG file, and post here (or a link to your own hosting site if you use one).
  6. sorry....I don't think I have the capablility to send you a screen shot....the 1394 Net Adapter does not actually expand further and the device manager says it is working properly.....the "other devices" is a separate tab directly underneath the Net Adapter (not when net adapter tab is expanded) - keep in mind this laptop is a Gateway and is over 4 years old (but with a new hard drive).... These are the items listed in "other devices" .....Ethernet Controller, Mass Storage Controller, Multimedia Audio Controller, Network Controller, PCI Modem, SM Bus Controller, Video Controller.......all of these items have yellow question marks and exclamation points beside them. I am thinking I may need to just reinstall the operating system again.....but what if I have trouble with the disc again? Can I buy another XP operating system disc and drivers for a Gateway that is over 4 years old? I have to stop working on it tonight.....will work some more on it later tomorrow if I get a chance....again.....I thank you for your patience and willingness to help! gingersmom
  7. By the way....I tried what you said....was going to save the shot to my external harddrive and send it from my PC that I am on now....can't get the laptop to copy the page in keeps wanting me to install a printer......sorry.....
  8. Usually when you buy a laptop w/ preinstalled OS, it comes w/ a special CD so you can restore the system to its original shipping configuration, which would include all the device drivers (at least those it came with). Given how many devices seem to be missing, it sounds like you did a normal XP install (i.e., retail CD). That will work (and may ultimately be necessary if the original HD failed; it usually contains the recovery partition necessary for a restore), but it also requires you visit Gateway’s website, go to the support section, locating your model #, download the relevant drivers, and install them. As you do, more and more of those yellow indicators in device manager will disappear. Of course, any devices you installed AFTER purchase will either require the drivers that came w/ the included CD or visiting their respective websites.

    Btw, what’s the model # of the Gateway laptop?

    Did it comes w/ a wireless adapter installed, or did you purchase it later?
  9. came with a wireless adapter......Model mx6445........thanks gingersmom
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