Someone check to see if my oc and temps are good?

hey guys! ive been getting into cpu overclocking lately and am not quite sure what im looking for in terms of temps and voltage and stuff. so can someone check the picture below and see if everything is good such as:

-clock speed
-max temps
-whatevery else you notice

im running an i7 2600k (sandy) with the cooler master hyper 212 cooler, asus p8z68-v pro/gen3 mobo, corsair vengence 1600 (2x4gb), and a corsair 750w power supply

also the overclock im running is 4.5ghz at 1.3v (not sure what the stock voltage is)

your gonna have to zoom in and kinda scroll around to actually be able to read anything.
any help is appreciated :D

edit: inserted a link that should work
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  1. Can't view it. Use a website like imageshack!
  2. updated with a working picture. i hope *fingers crossed* haha
  3. Those voltages/temps are fine!
  4. ok thanks! but now i have gone back to stock everything for now. for some reason with that speed even tho i have seen others run it with 1.2v my computer kept locking up, reseting, and bsoding with 1.3v and since idk what the stock or max voltage is i didn't want to mess with it to much. ill experiment some more tomorrow. anything you would like to give me advice on would help haha
  5. Those voltages are perfectly fine. Stock voltage for the 2600K is 1.1V, max is 1.52V

    Don't go above 1.4V!
  6. ok cool. thanks muffin!
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