I7 920 vs i5 750 (same price)

I can get either the i7 920 or the i5 750 for the same price. Given this fact, is there any reason I would want to buy the i5 and a P55 motherboard vs the i7 and a X85 motherboard?

The computer will be used mainly for gaming, and I would like it to be as "future proof" as possible since I only upgrade every 4-5 years.
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  1. 920 IMO.
  2. Yea, I'd say 920, if they are the same price, there is no benifit to the i5, at least with the i7, you get hyperthreading.
  3. The only downside to the X58 route compared to P55 is triple-channel RAM is a bit more expensive, but not much.

    The benefit triple-channel RAM brings can only really be seen in benchmarks anyway, so if you're seriously tight on budget you could just go dual-channel RAM for X58 and not notice.
  4. Get the I860 over the 920

    860 - faster in games
    - runs cooler

    Hyperthreading hurts games and makes the cpu run hotter.

    The memory controller on the 750 and 860 are on chip so latency is better than i920 x58.

    The memory bandwidth of 21 vs 25 gigs/sec is not worth bickering. Games are not needing 10/gsec so the extra is overkill in terms of gaming, its more of a mental what if or bragging rights having trichannel mem.

    They are all good chips and all will perform so closely that you won't be able to tell in game.

    Turn off HT if your gaming it will only help.


    Some info on the chips in more detail.

    I'm getting a 920 because its prebuilt and done though business account.

    If I were building my own I'd use the 860 because its faster in games.
  5. for gaming P55 should get the job done, there's pretty much no games that use hyperthreading. actually, most games still only use 1 to 2 cores, not even four. so a core i5 750 or a core i7 860 should get the job done.

    however, if you want crossfire/SLI, i definitely recommend i7 because the motherboards have dual 16x opposed to Core i5 motherboards that have 8x/8x
  6. I'd get the i7 cause it is more future-proof (like you wanted). It's also better for crossfire with 16x/16x which is much better than the P55.
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