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Hi I am clueless when it comes to computers so I was just wondering if it is normal for my ssd to go from 117gb to 116gb to 115gb all in the span of a week. Only activity I have noticed is various virus signature updates on my eset smart security and a windows defender update but would those be taking up that much memory? What I am getting at is will my ssd memory get used up just from windows updates. Only reason I did not get a second hard drive was I basically got this pc for swtor and I do not download movies or music or anything like that. Thanks.
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  1. Windows updates get saved on the drive, the swap file could have changed. BTW, don't use "memory" when it comes to hard-drives, memory is RAM. Hard-Drive storage is pretty much called "space", as in "free space on my drive is low".
  2. I looked again and it is back to 116 so I am just going to not worry about it by checking it all the time. I guess I just was not sure if I made a mistake by not adding a second hard drive when I purchased my custom pc. Then again I can just add another if it does get low. Thanks.
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    it probably has a lot to do with paging... you can go to your computer's settings and set it to not do a page file... also you can disable the creation of recovery points... this will stabilize the free space more... and download ccleaner and use it to clean out temp folders every once in a while
  4. Thanks I will check my computer settings and get ccleaner.
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