I7 in a V351 (no overclocking)

In the process of planning on a new gaming PC, and have decided on the following components.

CPU: Intel i7 920
Motherboard: Asus Rampage II Gene
GPU: Radeon HD 5770

My question is this, given these components are likely to generate quite a bit of heat, do you think I could safely install them in a Lian Li V351B case? I've attempted to find an answer online, and it seems as though everyone who has attempted putting an i7 in this case has had some heat issues. The difference between them and me however is I have no plans on overclocking anything. All I care about is that the components are 100% stable at their rated speeds. I don't mind installing an aftermarket cooler for the processor, however I do not want to spend the money/time on a watercooling rig or any other extensive mods.
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  1. Well, my new office computer has a similar setup, and its in a crappy case with a single 92mm fan. I fold on it 24x7 at 100% almost all day, and it was hitting 75* which is pretty hot, but from what I read, within spec.

    Since I don't like my office so toasty, I checked into undervolting the chip, and now have it running stable at 1.05v. This has brough my temps down 10*, and now at full load it is hitting around 65*. I have the stock cooler. If you get a better cooler, and undervolt, you shouldn't have any problems in that case, but the fans may spin more than you'd like.
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