Corrsair H100 safe for transport?

I'm considering to get a H100.
I transport my puter a couple of times pr year so I'm wondering if an H100 is too fragile for that.
It would be pain in the left knee having the cooling liquid in the case when arriving at a LAN.

I ordered the Noctua D14 but I'm thinking if I should swap the order.
I'm not concerned about performance and temps etc, they're both good coolers.

Is more the fragile part, and I would prefer quietness if I'm going to be picky.
Anyone has any experience with this? :)
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  1. It should be fine, there are folks who take Hxxx's to lans all over, as well as real watercooling setups, and I'd prefer the H100 over a heavy Hs for preventing damage in transit
  2. From what I have read I understand "many" people have problems with the water pump and the fans (would just switch them with Noctua fans though I guess).

    The pump also makes a gourgling sound, anyone have experienced that? is that fixable? :)
  3. Dunno, I throw my H80 around (literally) and it still works.
  4. Oh well, I'll give it a go :)
    If I'm not satisfied it's not going to ruin me if I decide to buy a D14 later, it's not thaaaat expensive!

    So now I've cancelled the d14 and ordered a H100 instead :)
  5. The pumps noise issue was traced to bad bearings I believe and has been addressed by Corsair, if you do encounter any gurgling, rotate the Pc whilst running to move any airlocks out, should be fine though
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