Quick stupid rma question

Do you remove the processor when you rma your motherboard?

i always assumed yes but now that im actually doing it something just seems wrong, you dont take a cpu out!
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  1. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Most rma instructions tell you to only send the motherboard, not the accessories. Only exception is for a complete oem system (dell, acer, etc). They usually require you to send the whole box.
  2. Take the processor out.
  3. Just remember there's a chance you don't get your "accessories" back - and that's a biggie. :) It shouldn't be a big deal if you do it carefully, although with stock coolers I guess that gray stuff may make it stick to the heatsink..
  4. yeah i was asking because it was bending the motherboard and making nasty noises when i tried to remove it.

    eventually i just booted it up and ran prime 95 for a a few minutes before yanking it off with a twist.

    ive never seen a cpu come off this hard, didnt want to take it off if i didnt have to!
  5. well ***, i was packing up my mother board for rma, when i noticed a bit of thermal paste on the ram traces.

    since all my problems were leading back to my memory controller, and or bad ram (although my ram was good) i tried cleaning it up, and bam seems to be stable as can be! saved asus a few bucks today i think, ill give it a few days see if it stays stable.
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