What has happened to my Gfx card?

Hi i recently overclocked my CPU, it worked great. I noticed an improvement on all games. About a week after i started getting crashes and the pc would reboot itself after hitting the blue screen of death. I turned the overclocking off, but now it seems like i can't turn anti aliasing or anistropic filtering on any game? if i turn it on it says its on but you can see blatently that its not on at all. Can a graphics card break and stop using the AA or AF? When i first overclocked the cpu i noticed that sometimes the resolution options would be completley different. I was using 1440x900 in most games but that option vanished and i was using 1680x1050 instead, plus in windows instead of it showing about 4 different resolutions, it was showing about 15?? how can overclocking the cpu break the graphics card??
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  1. My guess is that your CPU overclock was unstable and generated errors within your Operating System.Have you tested your overclock with Prime95 blend test? Try reinstalling your gpu drivers and if that doesn't solve it,try reinstalling your OS.
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