A few days without thermal paste ok?

so I bought thermal paste a little late and won't get it until a few days after I get my cpu.

will it be alright to run my cpu underclocked and at low temps. for a few days until I get thermal paste?
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  1. Your CPU will burn out before you get the chance to underclock or undervolt or check the temperatures.
  2. Look at Scotteq's avatar; thats exactly what would happen if you tried it.
  3. Technically you could if you can keep temps low enough, but odds are before you can get into the bios and downclock everything you'll overheat and crash. I'm also not sure if you'd even be able to downclock far enough to make the computer usable. You really should just wait for the thermal paste.
  5. A few seconds? Maybe. A few minutes? Ok, you're pushing it. A few hours? Ha. Nope. Not happening.
  6. idk...... it's possible due to the overheat protection on current cpu's although i dont recommend it. wait for the thermal paste to come.
  7. Are you getting a boxed CPU with Intel heat sink, this comes with some 'paste' pre-applied and will do... If you get a 3rd party heat sink, don't use it till the paste arrives!
  8. CPU's generally come w/ a stock cooler which has a thermal pad pre-applied.

    1. If your using stock cooler, no need to buy a TIM.

    2. Many Aftermarket coolers include a TIM

    3. No, don't use a CPU with nothing between the CPU and the HS.
  9. The CPU will come with a heatsink and there will be a little "pad" on the bottom. That's thermal paste. Since you ordered thermal paste already, just wait for it to come and don't install the heatsink because it will apply the paste as soon as you lock it in.

    Take some rubbing alcohol and take off the stock heatsink paste and then when your new paste comes just reapply it on the CPU like normal paste and use the stock cooler. It will actually help you out a little.
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