Offset Voltage and VID Help 2500k

So I'm running my overclock at 4.5 and I'm trying to get a stable overclock. The only problem is that my board only supports offset voltage (which is fine cause I originally intended for offset)

So I'm having a bit of confusion here. My VID in real temp states to be 1.4061 - 1.4211
and my core voltage reading in cpu-Z is 1.4 - 1.416

Do I need to have my core voltage higher?
My settings are +100mv core offset, +0.030 additional turbo voltage

My temperatures don't go above 70C under load

Running Prime95 Blend Tests
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  1. Which board? My P8Z68-V LE is the same way (I can only use offsets).

    Now, every chip is different, obviously, but I can do 4.5 on my 2500K with just a +.020 offset (which gives me 1.328V). I OC with the main multi and not the Turbo multi's though.

    My temps in Prime with my 212 Evo are in the low 60's, but the load voltage drops to 1.277V because I don't have LLC enabled, but it's still completely stable.

    1.4V is WAY to high for 4.5. You SHOULD be able to do 4.5 at around 1.330V or less, although I've seen a few that need a bit more (one I saw just recently actually DID need 1.41 to be stable at 4.5, but I consider that an outlier).
  2. I'm using an Asrock Z68 Pro3 Gen3, I can't set fixed voltages, I can't set LLC Levels. ):
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    lemonlust said:
    I can't set LLC Levels. ):

    I actually don't have "levels" either. It's either Enabled/Disabled/Auto for me, but Auto doesn't seem to do anything because it acts the same as Disabled, for me. And Enabled just cause the voltage to be WAY higher than it needs to be, so I just leave it disabled.

    Seriously though, try a much lower offset, like +.025 to see how that goes.

    Also, this might help explain offsets a bit better.
  4. Mmkay I went down to 1.36v seems to still be running stable.
  5. Just keep going lower until you BSOD.
  6. Yeah i'm gonna start running prime pre-stress tests at 1792 FFT for 30 minutes. I just dropped it down to 1.32v and its still seems stable. My temps dropped too and its not going above 50C at load
  7. Sounding MUCH better! Let's hope it stays stable. :)
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