New PSU, SATA cables do not fit HDDs.

Edit: Solved (Can't seem to edit the subject as I get a "You are not allowed to edit this message!")

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I recently bought a new PSU (CoolerMaster Silent Pro M700) and I've found the SATA cables that come with it don't seem to fit my HDDs. I have tried all the SATA cables given on all of my HDDs, old and new, 2.5" and 3.5". I have contacted CoolerMaster support and they have sent me another SATA cable that has not worked either. I am very sure that I am putting it in the correct way round and have tried putting it in opposite directions. I'm simply not sure what the matter is.

I can push the cables in very slightly but not much farther. Here are some of the pictures I took for support.

I took this picture to compare the new cable I received and my old one. The one on top is the old one and the one below is the new one.

Here is a picture of how far I can push the SATA cable in.

I am hoping very much that this is some kind of idiocy on my part because I can't imagine what the problem is and I hope that it is easily solvable.
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  1. emily3247 if you look at the 1st picture you posted the plugs have are L shape. try it and if it will not slide home with a soft click when pushed lightly turn the plug 180 degrees and it should fit. The power and data cables have the same L shape but the plugs are physically longer so you can't put a power cable onto a data socket.
  2. I've tried the turning the cable but I'm having the same problems. I'm sure I'm matching the Ls properly. I also took a picture for support to show I've tried both sides.

    Here, it clearly won't go in because it is the wrong side up.

    In the second picture I am also sure I'm matching the power cable to the right socket.
  3. Push harder.
  4. Remember this rule with computers........ if it doesn't fit use a bigger hammer
  5. Push harder, it works 99% of the time. I just ordered the same PSU, but it will take 2 months to get here...dam post office
  6. Though I push with all my might it doesn't seem to want to go in. There's no sign at all of it easing in-

    Wow, okay. After so many replies of just forcing it in which I truly believed I had done, it seems actually using a hammer, which I am sure someone earlier had simply jokingly mentioned, worked.

    I was not willing to exert too much pressure on the hard drive as I felt it should surely want to slip in with good ease as I had experienced with all other cables I have tried in the past and had merely put my entire body weight upon it. I did not want to harm either the cable or hard drives but I have, awfully so, spent three weeks with this problem and simply thought, 'To Hell with it'.

    I researched this problem on Google a lot and did find others with this problem with no solution. The solution is to (carefully) use a hammer.

    I am very sorry for the unnecessary length of this post and wish I could write more succinctly. I would also like to thank those who have posted here. I am still in disbelief that brute force worked despite having tried to apply what I thought an unwise amount of force in the past. Still, I find myself too periphrastic but I am finding the situation absurd. Thanks again to everybody.

    I still don't understand why it's such a tight fit but I'm glad that they worked so I can finally connect my five hard drives to my computer.
  7. Because some tightwad bean counter at the power supply mfgr. found a 'deal' on cheap SATA power connector plugs.
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