How to enlarge icons on the welcome screen on windows xp

We just had a new hard drive put in and when we got it home and went to enter the password to the administrator the pic to the left of where you type the password in at is so much small than it use to be
How can we enlarge the icons.
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  1. Change the resolution you are using to a lower one. This will also increase all the other icon sizes.

    But why does it really matter? Smaller icons and text = more things that can fit on the screen without scrolling.

    This usually is an issue when someone that needs glasses does not have any, and all of a sudden things don't look right. There is a actually a funny story from my work, we installed new systems and monitors for a department, with a new application. The new app needed a certain resolution to display all the items, but the women that were sitting there complained how things were too small, they can't read now, etc... Over the next week, they all started coming in with new glasses. Complaints went away.
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