Is my 3570k stable?

overcloked to 4.5ghz with h100 at 1.25v

my cpu idles around 30c-35c

and at full lo0ad on prime for about 2-3 hours and averaging

core1 63c
core2 66c
core3 66c
core4 64c

is this stable and people said that 1.25v is dangerous at idle as i have set a manula voltage as asus board shhots it too high with offset but is it dangerous to have 1.25v at all times
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  1. I HAVE to use offsets with my Asus board (P8Z68-V LE with a 2500K), and the voltage is just fine (doesn't overshoot AT ALL, IMO). Try it and see, or try it again an tweak it a bit. You may have been using too high of a offset. I like having the voltage drop at idle, so I would probably use offsets even if I had the option to use a manual Vcore, honestly.

    Other than that, you're looking pretty good, to me.

    Also, I wouldn't say 1.25V is dangerous at idle, but why not just try to tweak the the offsets ans see what happens?
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