The difference between asrock x58 extreme and extreme3

Need a pc for games, and my motherboard of choice is between the ASrock x58 Extreme, and Extreme 3.

But is there any difference between the two, exept that the extreme3 supports SATA3 and USB3???(features that i'm not that interested in at the moment)

and if there is any difference which board would be best for SLI/Crossfire configurations??

Thanks in advance!

Pardon my English, I'm from Denmark....
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  1. There is difference in slots and connections but here is a good way to tell|13-157-189^13-157-189-TS%2C13-157-163^13-157-163-TS
  2. Well I suppoose mean that, there is a difference in the audio chip, the extreme has no SATA3 support, and that there is a difference in the setup of PCI express 2 slots.

    but which setup is best for Crossfire/sli??
  3. They should have equal performance in Crossfire/SLI the extra PCIe slot on the extreme is only x4
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