Disabling front panel audio jack

Hello, due to the usual wear and tear, my front audio jack has been knocked loose and no longer works. The problem is that due to the nature of its breaking, it now thinks there is always something plugged into it which in turn disables my rear audio jack. Therefor I no longer have any sound at all.
My question being is how do I turn off the whole front panel audio altogether so I can use my rear audio?
I have a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L ver 1.0
To save you some time, I got the manual for it here
I have heard that I can disable it by bridging some of the F_AUDIO pins but I am not sure if that is true and if so which pins to bridge but I went and got some pin connectors anyway just in case.

I have already tried all the Realtek stuff like "Disable Front Panel Jack Detection" but since this problem is due to a broken jack, it didn't work.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Easiest way would be to disconnect the wire that runs from your MOBO to the front panel -- ( the one plugged into the connector circled in red here)

  2. I've already tried that. No dice.
  3. If disconnecting the board header itself didn't fix it, you have a motherboard problem, not a FP connector problem...

    As an attempt at a 'work-around', go into the audio manager:

    select 'Device advanced settings', and deselect 'Mute the rear output device...' (opposite of what is shown) - see if it clears things up...
  4. Have you tried "disable" the front audio in BIOS settings?
  5. I tried what bilbat said but still nothing. Also I use XP so my realtek interface looks different but I found the option all the same.
    Also my bios does not have an option to disable the front audio or at least if it does then I have never seen it.
  6. The only option in the BIOS allows for disabling the entire CODEC - the 'chip' that does the sound - in your case, a Realtek ALC888... I've got a system here with GB drivers and both XP and seven, and I'll reboot to Xp on this platform, with RT drivers - see if there's any difference, get back to 'ya in a bit...
  7. Thanks, if none of this works, should I get a sound card? Cause there are some on newegg for only about $20 that have good reviews. My only worry is that my current issue will prevent that from working too.
  8. Ok - does your interface look vaguely like the one I posted, or does it look like this:
  9. Minus the dts logos at the bottom and that picture is spot on.
  10. OK - give me a few minutes - want to try something, before I tell you to try it...
  11. Well, so far - I have bad news, and I have more bad news... I went and looked at the H55 in my basement, and it has the same POC 'GB-branded' audio driver on it, so I D/L'd the latest RealTek driver, installed 'over it' and still wound up with the ^%$# GB driver interface - and I didn't bother to look at the driver rev before I did the install, so I don't really know if it installed, didn't install (though it looked like it did...), or if the GB 'interface' is just some kind of, well, interface', and just acts as some kind of 'proxy' to the real driver! Then, I booted to my workstation copy of Xp, and it's got the same damned thing - and I don't know (can't remember [:bilbat:6] ) if I put the driver in to research something for someone here, or how the H it got there! SO, my original intent is stymied - I wanted to get you back to the RealTek interface/driver, as it has some 'tools for hardware' that I can't yet find on the GB version. Even on the machine I'm prepping for someone, Xp is not the primary OS, but, ye gods - I just hate to send one out I'm not 100% sure of...

    Anyway - it'll be at least a day, as I have to tackle that in the AM - I'm too flustered the way it is - lost thirty-some hours to a dead router, and had to waste three hours today going to our county seat to renew my passport, before they crank up the price!

    Anyhow, as a 'side answer' - I'm quite sure that any sound card will work - couple people posting here have fixed 'terminally noisy' CODECs that way, to avoid the 'uninstall everything and RMA' headache!
  12. Thanks for the help. I have already ordered the card and it should be here in a couple days. Its nice to know you treat people's technical problems this seriously. If I have any further problems once I install the card I'll do a double check on drivers etc. before pestering you guys on the forums again.
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    Its nice to know you treat people's technical problems this seriously.
    Well, I try to treat this 'like a job'; it helps that I started out doing 'solder surgery' to a Z-80 KayPro in the early eighties; and my background is in industrial systems, where an 'oops' can, say, cut off an arm, or run a tank of lye-based cleaning solution into somebody's can of Pepsi! Also - being a touch obsessive doesn't hurt! [:fixitbil:9]

    Also, having benefited enormously from the web, since the days when it was still 'DARPAnet' (before Mr. Gore had 'invented it'!), I try to contribute what I can. Although it's a powerful source of knowledge, it's full of nonsense too - can recall writing an explanation of something for someone here, which prompted him to ask five more questions - before I got back to him, he had gotten four answers - three of which were wrong, and two wildly wrong!

    Anyway - back to your problem. When you get your card, the main thing will be, prior to installing it, go into your BIOS, and on the "Integrated Peripherals" page, 'disable' the "Azalia Codec" item, do an <F10> save, exit, and reboot - then go into Device manager, which should, at that point, be showing at least one item with a yellow exclamation point 'complaint', select the offending driver, and click 'unintall'; close windows normally, power down, and install card first, then, at first power up, the included drivers...

    Thanks for the help.

    Always !
  14. I'll be sure to upon its arrival. Thanks!
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  16. bilbat said:
    Ok - does your interface look vaguely like the one I posted, or does it look like this:
    , it seems Windows XP Driver, Audio I/O>>ANANLOG>>WRENCH Tool to Setup >>
    - AC/97 Front panel support
    * HD Audio Front panel support
    *Mute rear panel output when front headphone plugged in
    *.Enable auto popup dialog when device has been plugged in

    Bad luck when front panel connector never had 4 Pins like rear connector and only perform 3 Pin as Ground, Left and Right, short rest pin to ground, System then know the device connected, So the system will have no change to switch to front panel with this connector, So plug in the rear headphone to pop up the dialog and check the setting by Check on *AC97 Front panel support, it will disable HD Audio and Mute rear panel, Do this the sound will drrive out both rear and front. Have Fun.
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