I7 920 temps help needed


i use a coolermaster hyper 212 plus on i7 920 processor i get 40-45degree at idle and 55-65 at full load are these temp good or should i do something i used the thermal greese which came with the hyper 212 plus and i use a coolermaster scout casing
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  1. Those temps are OK could be a little bit lower but are fine for the cooler you are using.
  2. Agreed temps are fine - I have a Titan Fenrir and have idle around 33/34 and load of 41/42, but several factors could affect your temps

    Case ? a decent case is only as good as the cable management - too often poorly cabled cases ruin airflow

    Ambient / Room Temp - depending on the room temp - this could also affect your CPU temps by several degrees
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