Would this be the best graphics card on a budget?

Would this be the best graphics card on a budget SAPPHIRE AMD Radeon HD 6670 2048MB?

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  1. For about the same price you can get a amd 7750 gpu...its a litte faster than the 6670 and consumes a little less power as well....it is more of a better card for your budget
  2. I agree with drums101 as the hd7750 is noticeably faster and consumes less power.See here:http://www.hwcompare.com/11733/radeon-hd-6670-oem-1gb-vs-radeon-hd-7750/.Another good option even cheaper than the hd7750 and almost as fast would be an hd6750/hd6770 or an older hd5750/hd5770 if you can still find them.
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