I need help with sound. no sound at all.

I have downloaded and installed every driver i have been able to find.

I have a hp workstation xw8200. I just wiped everything and put xp on it.
I want to know if there are speakers that can play but usb and only usb. not power cord no audio cable. just usb.

is it possible? or should I keep trying to find a driver for my on board audio.
i have no literature/manual or anything on the computer or board.

help? desperate...
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  1. hi, if you have no driver installed for the sound hardware it still would not work through USB as nothing would be proccessing the sound.

    you could try going to the start menu, select run and type 'dxdiag' and go to the sound tab. this should tell you the model of your sound controller so you can get the right driver.

    also i had this problem with xp on my laptop and solved it by installing windows 7.

    hope it helps.
  2. HP has drivers for XP Professional here. Their SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio Driver is worth a try, unless you did that already. What version of XP are you using?

    Make sure your onboard audio is enabled in BIOS.
  3. "no sound card" and everything is blank. im trying the link above (again).
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