XFX 4870 1GB problem

I recently bought a new machine. Everytime I run Crysis, after a ~5 minutes of running, the screen goes black, and the sound dissappears, the only sound being a buzzing like when you play a cracked audio disc on a DVD player. Is the machine overheating or something?
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  1. Hve you monitored any temperatures? Give us you computer specs including case size cooling etc.
  2. Yes, list the rest of your system here...
  3. It idles at ~80-85.

    Athlon II X4 620
    Asus M4A78
    Transcend 2x2GB DDR3 1333
  4. Woops, your card runs at 80'C when idle??
    It's overheating man...
    Get it out of your case and RMA it?
    Still on warranty? Claim it...
  5. With the case open, even with Crysis @ 1024, Very High (thats the highest, right?), 4x AA, 16x AF, it hits a mere (in comparison) 67 degrees. Wont it make more sense to change the case? Its a tiny little thing, about the distance from my wrist to my elbow in height. Is the Coolermaster HAF 922 good?
  6. if you have 80-85C degrees it is not overheated you pc wont have crash the GPU is overheated when its up to 100C i think the problem is your power supply or your bios are not compatible and you must update it(i had the same problem with my 4870 1gb i update the bios and now my pc dont crash):)
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