I have overclocked my cpu but now games run much slower, why?

Hello, So I've been running my Xeon L5518 2.13 at 2.9ghz and it was running games great. Now I'm at 3.2ish and while cpu calculates faster, games have much lower fps. My multiplier is locked to 16x (17x turbo) which forces me to use a high bclk. It would seem that 2.9 at 170 bclk games better than 3.2 at 190 bclk. Although when running intelburn the faster speed finished the calculations quicker. So maybe something is being disrupted by high bclk, such as memory?

Do you think I can adjust voltage to help this?

Here's what I've got going on:

CPU Multi:.....16x (17x turbo)
CPU Bclk:......190

Memory frequency: 1067Mhz / 2:8 which puts target memory frequency at 1522Mhz
CPU Uncore: 16x at 3045MHz

CPU Vcore:...1.15v
CPU VTT:......+150mv (=1.25v?)
CPU PLL:......1.85v
DIMM DQ Vref: +0mv
QPI PLL:.......1.25v
IOH Vcore:...1.25v
ICH Vcore:...1.25v

PWM Frequency: 800KHz
CPU clock skew: 0ps
Spread Spectrum: Disabled

Xeon L5518 @ 2.9-3.2ghz
EVGA E758-A1 Motherboard
Mushkin 8gb blackline PC-1600
Nvidia GTX 470

If more information would be helpful let me know
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  1. I tried the following:

    QPI PLL:.......1.25v to 1.1
    IOH Vcore:...1.25v to 1.1
    ICH Vcore:...1.25v to 1.1
    This made it worse so I turned them back up. How high can/should those go? Should I be turning one up specifically? PLL?

    Also I tried giving VTT another 50mv to put it at 1.3v, didnt do much
  2. So I set my memory timings lower according to mushkins site and that helped a lot. It would seems its an issue with memory then?
  3. Definately sounds like some kind of compatibility issue with the CPU, possible its ram + cpu or gpu + cpu or could be both. Truthfully if your only getting .3ghz out of it...i would just set it back to 2.9.
  4. Pretty sure its the northbridge chip which is idling at 74 degrees because of the high bus speed. I ordered one of these heatsinks for it:
  5. I think your CPU could causing the bottleneck, but then again I could be wrong. And I agree with DarkOutlaw, I would set it back to 2.9 also as the 0.3GHz isn't really that significant of an increase.
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    Perhaps its your CPU that is throttling. If your running stock cooling and its doing a bad job of keeping your processor cool, that extra boost could be wrecking your performance with heat. As the temps hit that magic throttle number your CPU could be slamming on the brakes to cool down. Or, your northbridge could be overheating.. though I've never had that happen to myself before.
  7. Also... were you overvolting to make a 300MHz overclock..? o-o I don't think at a value that low you generally need to step up the voltage... I might be mis-interpreting your post, though.
  8. cpu is staying nice and cool, around 60 under full load. Actually at first I was undervolting to keep temps down, but now i've raised some of the voltages to maintain stability at high bclk.

    the original cpu speed is 2.13 so its about a 1.1GHz overclock. I'm sure the chip could take a lot more if I could raise the multiplier, instead im capped by how fast I can run the bus. Some people were saying they could get this chip to 3.5GHZ. But that means I need blck of 206+.

    I would think this is possible with some more tweaking/cooling. I had it running at around 215 stably with a low cpu and memory multiplier. I'll just leave it how it is untill I get the NB cooler installed. (then maybe I can push to 3.6 at 215bclk)
  9. I'm getting similar issues when I try to overclock my CPU and RAM.

    Benchmarks all say performance has gone up but games slow down and stutter.

    Try backing off the memory.
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