BroadComm 8011.g Refuses To Enable

Sure do hope someone here has the solution to this:

I have wireless adapter in my Gateway laptop.
When trying to use/enable it I keep getting a error message of:
"The radio on your 802.11 network adapter is still disabled. Use the Radio Control Switch to Enable it."
This used to work without a hitch; but after installing a bunch of updated drivers (using Driver Robot), it refuses to function. :(

HOW do I fix this??
I've updated drivers until I'm nearly "blue in the face", tried this, tried that, still no luck....
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Best 2U,
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  1. Is the adapter normally switched on via a physical switch on the laptop case or by Fn key combination ?
  2. Normal operation before this problem was to CLICK on a control to enable it.
    It's a Gateway laptop, card etc. is internal...
    Have tried un-installing, you name it - without positive results.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance...
  3. Above answer from Fixx is not relevant to my situation.

    Driver version is: Dated 10/12/2006, which seems to be one of the most currently available.
    So, once again, I'm still looking for help with this issue.
  4. I guess it's possible the wireless hardware is faulty -- get in touch with Gateway and see if they have a suggestion or will issue warranty return auhorisation.
    Since any other solution seems to be unavailable; WHAT would happen IF I both deleted the hardware (Device Manager) and REMOVED it with Ad/Remove Programs?
    Any chance the System might re-install it upon re-boot???
  6. It's worth trying.

    I would also go into the BIOS screens and turn off any features or ports you don't need -- e.g. Parallel Printer Port (if any) because fewer devices running in Windows might clear a resource clash
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