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Hello, thanks in advance for checking this thread. I've been browsing around the internet trying to figure out this but I need someone to confirm for me.

I'm looking to replace my processor and I don't want to spend 100-200 dollars on something that won't work.

I've got an ASUS P5K Mobo, and I'm wondering if a Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 Processor BX80571E7500 will be compatible with it. I'm not dead set on that particular processor, just it's been the one that has the best speed for it's price (that I've found at least).

All I really know is that I need the socket to be compatible, which I think it is, both are Socket 775. But I'm not sure if there is something else I should be checking for.

Also if anyone knows of a better Processor for a cheaper or equal price I'd appreciate the link. :)
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    The P5K has the P35 chipset, which is compatible with all C2D chips. Even the 45nm quads. You shouldn't have any issues running those two together.
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  3. Thanks buddy. Placed the order.
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