I need to transfer files from a Mac HD to a PC after my MPB died

My 2008 MPB just died on me and I need the information from the HD this weekend. I have not backed up recently enough for what I need. I need a way to transfer from the MPB HD to a PC. I believe the HD has an IDE connection, and my MB can take this connection type. I do not believe it would recognize the files though since it is in the Mac OS format. Any suggestions?
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  1. Put you mac hard drive into your PC and dl a live linux distro, like "recovery is possible" or most live linux cd's should work, burn it and boot up the pc from the linux cd. Open a file manager, there is loads to choose from and copy the file from / to where you want. If you go here and dl a kde desktop version I can walk you through any problems you might have:
  2. Thanks for the help. I actually found a program called MacDrive 9 which had a free 5 day trial. It allowed me to access the HD while in windows 7.
  3. Only use windoz to play Command & Conquer once or twice a month, so don't get much "free trial period", software is free in Linux and Linux can read and write to 99.9% of computer file systems. A lot of rescue cd's are Linux based.
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