Best fan controller?

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  1. How many fans and which ones?
  2. amuffin said:
    How many fans and which ones?

    4 Scythe Gentle Typhoons
  3. Nice, Gentle Typhoons!

    Wish I could find them somewhere....

    Are you looking for anything flashy? Such as a touch screen, or just convient knobs?
  4. Preferably knobs.
  5. I would have recommended the Scythe Kaze master 2 KM05 fan controller that I use. But recently the 4th fan header has been giving me issues. After trouble shooting I found out the fan header solder joints broke from the circuit board from being poorly soldered on. Thus explaining why my fan4 wasn't working. =(.

    But the main downside is the bad customer service. They have been giving me the ring around for a week, and now have stopped replying via email to me. Just bought it 3 months ago too.

    So I'll be looking for a different brand to go with in the future. Let us know what you end up going with.

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