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When i plug my earbuds into my audio port on the front of my computer, it works, but it keeps cutting in and out, making it play through the speakers in and out too. Windows keeps saying the jack is unplugged then plugged in over and over. What can i do?
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  1. Here's my theory:

    Though the size of the head phones input may fit the audio jack output, the rings on the head phones may not be compatible with your audio jack. The reason that Windows toggles between plugged and unplugged is because the head phones aren't plugged in completely.

    Question: These "earbuds", what device are they for?
  2. mp3 players and like ipods, just basic 3.5 size i think.

    The case im using is CM Storm Sniper black edition
  3. Just tried a brand new computer headset, and it is doing the same thing.

    like i have music playing to test, but it keeps cutting back and forth from speakers to headphones.

    The device is plugged in thing just keeps spamming my desktop non stop, unplugged then plugged in
  4. More specifically, were these earbuds sold with an audio/mp3 player? or are they supposed to universal?

    Try plugging the earbuds into another pc or laptop. If you get the same results, the problem is either incompatability or a defect in the earbuds.

    However, if plugging the earbuds into a different pc/laptop proves successful, the problem could be that the audio jack is warped.
  5. what can i do? I just put together this whole computer?
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