9800 gt on pavilion elite 350w psu

I'm looking at bfg's 9800 gt 1gb unit with minimum 350w on the MSI MS-7613 mobo w/ a 350 w power supply. I have gt 220 currently and I'm wondering if I am able to run this new card without upgrading the power. The comp is a e9250t: Please help!
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  1. Hello...
    List the rest of your spec here and your monitor of course...
    Also how much do u want to spend?
    That would be easier for us to help u... :)
  2. Its an i5 750, 8gb pc-10600.
    Currently have a gt220 and looking to upgrade at any price range within the range of a 350w pcu. The requirement for the bfg 9800 gt is 350w. The monitor is the hp 2159 m full hd monitor. Basically, I'm looking for a slight upgrade that wouldn't require a hardware change so I could pass on my old card to another computer. It looks like with my power source, I'm not able to push any gts 250 or hd 4850's which I was originally looking at.
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    Yes, your PSU is low...
    What model is your PSU? It came with stock case?

    Are u sure u don't want to upgrade your PSU?
    it's very important part of your system, believe me...
  4. The 9800GT eco version is probably the highest you can go. Changes are that it will work fine on your PSU manufacturers usually over specify wattage to cover most of the crap PSU´s on the market.
  5. Some manufacturers have the green versions of those gfx card! Take a look at it
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