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i was just wondering if you can transfer your os from a hdd to a ssd and if so how. also i was wondering on how big of one i would need. i only want to put the os on it but i want to use all 1tb of my memory and not suffer any slowing down if that makes any sence.
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    Are both these drives internal? External? Various cables and housings are available to transfer data to an external storage device; I have seen the cables with power supply for IDE and SATA drives for around $30.

    I am more of a Mac person and I know it is a simple matter to install OSX from the install disc onto a HDD, SSD, etc; to do it from a hard drive you need the system installer .dmg file on the drive (in its own volume.) Windows may be a little different. I wouldn't try to copy/clone a system from a volume I was currently booted from! Do you have your original install (restore) discs?

    I assume you mean 1 TB of storage (not memory) and that it is your HDD you are referring to. I also assume you intend to use the SSD as your primary boot volume to enhance your machine's speed. There are many files you will probably want to be able to access quickly in addition to your operating system; I would get as large an SSD as you can reasonably afford so you don't kick yourself later and end up swapping it out for a bigger one.

    I hope this helps, sorry I am not a Windows expert.
  2. ya my primary drive is a 1tb hdd and its windows. i want to get a ssd primarily for boot but also to speed up my pc. and if i happened to fill up the hdd i want the ssd to keep everything going smooth
  3. i guess what i mean is a boot and cache drive and thats all, no programs on it
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