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Phenom 9500 2.25ghz x4, 64bit

I had read the first Phenom CPUs were complete junk is there any truth to this? I am using this CPU right now and when I tried a clock test on it the test gave me a rating saying my CPU was running at 6.4ghz...
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  1. They are only junk relative to what was out at the time they came out. They draw too much power and therefore generate too much heat. You could get a better percentage overclock from a 286 and they should have used the silicon they spent on cache to make sand for all the good it does. They are better than an Athlon but Phenom II is a completely different class.

    Update your testing tools.
  2. 7.4!
  3. Not bad really lol, bit hot, will overclock ok to at least 2.8ghz, and is not the most power friendly, but thats all relative and I would be happy with that chip.
  4. Go for AMD Phenom II X4 9xx, if possilbe 955
  5. Well, the problem with the 1st Phenom generation is that use more power 'cause are 65nm, also the OC process isn't very stable as the 2nd Phenom generation.
  6. 2nd phenom are based on 45nm fabrication and are very good overclockers
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