Newb 1st build....need help please.

Hi. Please forgive if this is a completely stupid question. I am attempting my 1st build, using an MSI 880GMA-E45 and NZXT Hades case. I really am having more difficulty than I anticipated wiring the components to the motherboard. The instructions for both the case and the motherboard are sparse at best. I have the Hard drive attached to the SATA 1 port and was going to use sata 2 for the dvd drive. I have the HDD connected via sata cable to the motherboard(sata 1 port) and to the power supply. I also have the DVD drive connected to sata 2 and also to power supply. Is that all the connections that are needed for those components? (ie there is a cable marked 'HD audio' that came with the case...but I am not sure if it needs to be attached to the Motherboard or if the sata connection is already taking care of that.) The manuals aren't being much help. Can someone with more building experience offer some advice? Thanks much.. :)
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  1. Hello
    As for HDD and DVD drive, you did it right and its done,however you have to connect the HD audio to your motherboard too
  2. ok thanks. now hopefully i can decipher this manual and figure out which jumper it goes to. thanks for your reply. :)
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