Internet Connection Sharing between WinXP (host) to WIn7 possible?

Ok guys this is the problem:

My new PC doesnt have any internet connection yet, but my laptop has (using Wifi).

Is it possible for me to share my Windows XP SP2 Laptop's Internet Connection with my Windows 7 Ultimate PC?

I plan on connecting both computers with an Ethernet cable...other than that I dont have any other hardware available (except for a modem+a wireless router in my parent's room)...

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  1. Buy a wireless card.... =P

    Or you can turn on internet connection sharing on the Laptop, connect to the desktop via ether cable, and get internet that way. You will have to leave the laptop on though.
  2. yeah i already tried that but it says that ip addresses conflict or something...

    and yes i know i have to keep my lappy on...

    i dont have plans on going outside till tomorrow, so i guess im stuck with this laptop for internet access =\
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