Gskill ram ripjaw 4bg chips

out of this
and this
i want to use triple channal, whats hexa channel? im looking to get 24gbs of ram. pleas elet me know tahnks alot.
the motherboard i am using is a asus rampage 3. thanks
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  1. Not exactly sure what you need 24gb of RAM for but if you are sure you need it you might as well get the best for your $1000.

    I would get this:

    Faster timings and comes with that Turbulence II cooler.
  2. i have a x58 board though that one wont work ? or will it?
  3. It will work fine. You may have to set the memory profile to XMP but it is just a BIOS setting. Why do you need 24gb of memory?
  4. just to get the most, building a super computer lol.
    antec 1200 case
    asus rampage 3
    i7 980
    2 radeon 5970 4gb cards
    and in what order ill have to do all that to get the memory working? is it worth getting that then the other?
  5. To be honest that much memory can severly limit any overclocking you might be going to do ( its crazy to get a 980x and not overclock it ) Not to mention there are really no gains in daily use from having more than about 6gb unless you work with huge audio/video files on a daily basis. If you are building with the highest end components you can find you might want to do a bit more research. You should understand things like Xtreme Memory Profiles ( XMP) Or pay someone to do it since money does not seem to be an option.
    You are going to be playing at insane resolutions too I guess ( above 2560 x 1600 ) to get much benefit from 2 x 5970s.
  6. ya i am, i do on my pc music recording and starting to do video editing and music videos, plus i play games, and all that on it. not sure what i should do with the memory and what ones to get i deff want to use the 4gb chips. why doesnt it say on the one ya showed me x58 chipset on it? i dont wanna buy the wrong thing , at that price lol. no what i mean.
  7. As I said before it will work fine. You just have to enable XMP and manually set the voltages to 1.65v. I have used those same modules ( not 24gb I do not build servers :D ) on i5, i7 and AMD builds with no problems.
  8. how better is it? between the 2?
  9. over all isnt the x58 ones better?
  10. So is it better for me to just get 12gb in triple channel instead of 24gb in triple channel?i thought more ram the faster the pc over all will go and all that please anyone can help me out on my little problem I'm in the works of buying it all today thanks
  11. Anyone?
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