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Cleaning water cooling stuff

Hey guys, going to clean my water cooling stuff thoroughly in the next few days.

Is it okay to use tap water to flush out all the different components or should I only use distilled water? (Yes, distilled water is my coolant of choice)
Then rinse it all out with tap water + vinegar OR distilled water + vinegar?

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. You can clean it out with tap, but be sure to rinse very thoroughly with distilled afterwards,
    I run a 90/10% mix of distilled and white vinegar, run that in the loop for a bit, then flush out with plain distilled, cycle again before draining and refilling with fresh plain distilled
    maybe design your loop to loop into a plastic bucket, then you can hook it into that and walk away for an hour or so while the 90/10 mix cycles,
  2. Well, I havent been using my water cooling kit for months now (been on air, because, well, ive been lazy). So I just decided to buy new tubing this morning and I hooked it all up and its busy running on my table here. I cleaned the res with distilled water and vinegar but I just thought that before I put back into my PC I should clean out the radiator and cpu block.

    So should I disassemble everything and give it a good flush with only distilled? I can buy a few more bottles tomorrow morning if need be. I'm worried that there might be a bit of a gunk build up in the radiator (just looks a little funny when I looked through the hole for the barb). CPU block is clean as far as I can see.
  3. Since im just testing it now at the moment can i throw in some white vinegar while leak testing?
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    Ofc you can, I answered your question in another thread about hw store tubing, no issues I know of, but if you do throw some vinegar in now, make sure you rinse it out well with plain distilled after
  5. For the CPU block, I used lemons, because we have a tree in the back :) Just get 3-5 lemons depending on their size, and cut them in half. Then squeeze the juice into a small container and submerge parts of your CPU block in. After that, rinse with distilled water.
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  7. Thanks a lot, looking forward to clocking my i5 nice and high again :)
  8. Np man, glad to help and Thank you for B.A.
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