Ocz Vertex 2 60g

Hey guys just got a vertex 2 ocz 60g hd.. I'm going through holy hell. I put it in and am booting from my original c drive. Unfortunately I have went to the ocz website tryin to do a firmware update. While updating it will get to 100% and my comp will freeze. It has nothing short of screwed up my c drive hdd, I can get it to boot but it takes forever once my comp crashes. I have partioned the ssd. It is recognized and Windows has updated the drivers but I cannot flash the drive at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Additionally I had a 3rd hdd and disappeared after I partitioned the ssd.
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  1. other side notes, I tried to install windows 7 and i am aware of ahci... I am going to try to put in ports 1-3 as recommended... regardless, during the firmware updates it just does an instant crash
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