P6T Deluxe RAID 1 setup?

I've tried adding 2 2TB hard drives to an existing computer in a raid 1 configuration. They show up in the bios so I went to Main > Storage Configuration > Configure SATA as > and changed IDE to RAID. I then saved changes/restarted and entered into Intel Matrix storage manager. I created a new raid volume by selecting the 2 new drives, finished and restarted. Everything seems to be working fine on boot up, I get the "windows loading" screen then right after that I get a very quick blue screen( less than .5 seconds) that I can't read. The system then reboots itself from there and will continue this cycle unless I go into the bios and change Configure SATA as back to IDE. Then it will boot normally. I've tried ACHI but it does the same blue screen reboot. Am I missing a step somewhere along the line? Do I need to install some additional things? I'm not using a physical card controller, because I don't need to right? All drives(new and old) are connected via SATA cables directly to the motherboard. I'm not using any SAS. Both RAID drives are set "NORMAL" within Intel Matrix storage manager with green text.
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  1. I've done more research and it sounds like I can't install a raid configuration to an existing system where the OS was installed in IDE mode("Configure SATA as" within bios). I'm just a little confused about this.

    I have 1 HD with OS(win 7 on it)
    I have 2 other HD's that I want to add to this system in a raid 1 config
    Do I need to reformat the OS drive in order to add the 2 additional raid drives?

    Should I just use the software raid within windows 7?
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